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Mobile » Palm OS » Business » Tens Stimulation Unit Machine 3.6.6

Tens Stimulation Unit Machine 3.6.6 screenshot

Tens Stimulation Unit Machine 3.6.6

Tens Stimulation Unit Machine 3.6.6 screenshot
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Tens Stimulation Unit Machine Publisher's description:

from Tens Stimulation Unit Machine

Pain is nothing new to athletes. They often deal with pain and soreness, to at least some extent, every day. Some believe being able to push through the pain is what creates the best athletes. However, a body can only cope with so much pain before it gives in and gets worse. There are many forms of treatments, medications, and products to alleviate pain. TENS Units and muscles stimulators are two viable options that should be seriously considered.
Medication is generally the first method of treatment athletes will turn to. It is easy to just pop an anti-inflammatory every eight hours and it is practically guaranteed to help in some way. But, we have all seen those aspirin commercials that depict a person continually taking the medication several times in one day. This can be very dangerous in the long term. Naproxen, the drug used in medicine like Aleve, can cause circulation problems and stomach and intestinal bleeding if it is used often over long periods of time. Then of course there are other prescribed medications which can be habit-forming and can be just as, if not more, dangerous to your overall health.
As time progresses, many athletes will begin to suffer from more chronic pain as opposed to common soreness or the occasional sports injury. Not only will physical therapy be a must, It is a good idea to begin usage of a TENS Unit. A TENS Unit is an alternative to a life of pain medication. The device is specifically used for chronic pain and provides immediate relief through the use of electrical impulses. Essentially the unit "tricks" the brain into thinking there is no pain because the electrical impulses will stop the pain signal that is sent to your brain. The machine can be used anywhere on the body -back, neck, shoulder, leg, etc.; simply attach silver electrodes to the area receiving pain. Best of all, you can control the pulse rates, pulse widths, and frequencies to find the best amount of relief.

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